Quality Control

Technology Capability

Facility Support

Main Equipment List

Laminating Device:2Sets Auto Liquid Photo Soler Mask:1line
Drilling Machine:44Sets Auto V-cut Machine:6Sets
Hole Counting Device:2Sets Punching Press:9Sets
CCD Punch:2Sets O/S Fixture Tester:16Sets
Auto Pth/CU1+CU2:5Lines Fly Probing Tester:5Sets
D/F Auto Exposure Machine:1Set A.O.I(I/L+O/L)+VRS:12Sets+6Sets
S/M Exposure Machine:6Sets Brown Film Developing:2Sets
Tunnel Baking Device:3Lines O.S.P:2Lines
H.A.S.L(Pb/Pb free):2Sets Waste Water Recycle Device:2Lines
CNC-Routing:24Sets+2Sets Pure Water Device:3Sets
Vertical Continuous Plating :2Lines Auto Verified Inspection:2Sets
Legend Inkjet Printer:1Set

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