Basic Knowledge About EVERPCB

EVERPCB  was founded in 2005,has gained a good reputation for our professionalism in our customers of Printed Circuit Boards. The company grew and expanded through two  core business activities (supplying PCB and PCB assembly services) that concentrate on providing the total solution to customers’ circuit needs.

EVERPCB provides 1~32layers(include 1~8oz copper thickness pcb and HDI) PCB and PCB assembly services to a wide range of companies in the Consume ,Computer, Industrial, RF products,Automotive,Securities,medical,Telecommunications and other electronics equipment markets. As a full service turnkey supplier of custom electronics, EVERPCB can provide support from design and prototyping to new product introduction and full rate production. The main idea of running this business is to locate any potential customers around the world and extensively supplying them with good quality PCBs and related assembly services.